Avoid an Invocation Nightmare

If you’re responsible for business continuity for your company or organisation you will probably have considered all the implications of invocation and have put a comprehensive business continuity plan in place. If you’re thorough you’ll be running regular tests to ensure that your plan is robust. Our experience has shown that however well you plan testing is invaluable:

Avoid and Invocation Nightmare with BCT

“A company came to Business Continuity Transport (BCT) for help after the passenger transport element of their business continuity plan failed. A senior manager proposed a dry run invocation, and everything was going well until they called the local coach company they had selected to move staff to the chosen work area recovery provider. Unfortunately all the company’s coaches were in use, and no other local alternative was available at short notice.”

If staff transport is a necessary part of your continuity plan then make sure that the transport provider you select has the resources to deliver at short notice whatever the time of day or year.

BCT has a national network of over 3000 operators. We will work with you to plan the transport you require, whether that’s a chauffeured car or a fleet of coaches. We will carry out regular tests, and should you ever have a genuine need for invocation we are only a call away, twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, with your plan in place and ready to go. In short we can help you to avoid an invocation transport nightmare.

A couple of other things we can help with:

If you need marshals to ensure effective evacuation of staff to the transport or to direct them when they disembark at work area recovery (WAR) sites, we can provide them.

If you cannot return to your premises for several days or weeks we can assist with transport to bring staff to and from their homes or public transport hubs.

One final tip; whilst you may be pivotal to the planning, it is really important that you, or the same group, do not lead every test. Make sure that as many people as possible go through the test process and understand how invocation should work.

BCT is a leading specialist in business continuity transport with the UK’s largest network of approved passenger transport suppliers. As BCT client you will be able to invoke your business continuity transport plan in minutes, provide for the safe movement of your staff and minimise disruption to your business.