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Business continuity transport planning

In the event of a significant incident or disaster the safe evacuation of staff and transporting them to an alternative secondary work location or a work area recovery provider, to ensure critical operations are resumed as quickly as possible may be imperative to you as a business.

BCT can assist in planning for this and can provide the necessary ground staff and vehicles. Whether you require one chauffeur driven car or a fleet of coaches we can work with you to develop a bespoke business continuity transport plan which can be invoked in minutes when required.

If the disruption to business at your primary location is sustained we can ensure that business critical staff are conveyed to work from their home or a hotel or from a designated pick up point until your primary site is restored. We can do the same in the event of severe disruptions to public transport.

Typical business continuity scenarios requiring passenger transport that BCT can help you provide for:

  • Normal Business Resume – 24 hours Emergency Standby

  • Transport to/from Recovery Sites - In office hours

  • Transport to/from Recovery Sites – out of office hours

  • Shuttle arrangements to nearest functioning Tube/Rail

  • Full plan to transport people home

  • Full plan to transport people into work the next day and onwards

We offer you the ability to cover the staff movement element of your business continuity plan with one supplier and offer you the confidence that, in the event that your company needs to invoke the plan, one telephone call, on any day at any time, will secure the transport services you need.

We have built a nationwide network of vetted and approved operators who provide coach, mini bus and taxi services. This network, and our bespoke system which shows real time availability of operators, ensure that we can provide clients with the transportation they need when and where they need it – quickly. All the you need to do is call our UK based incident room, which is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

We offer a full range of business continuity transport services and can work closely with you to plan the right solution for your needs. For a no obligation discussion of your requirement (including providing for ISO 22301) and potential solutions please call us on 08456 431 999.

Not sure whether you need us? Here are 5 questions to ask yourself about your current business continuity transport provider.